Why I Include a Destination Ayahuasca Retreat in my Business Mastermind

After our ayauasca retreat in the Sacred Valley, we visit Machu Picchu. - 2016

I’m often asked what are the benefits of combining a destination ayahuasca retreat with a business mastermind. The honest truth is that the benefits are so much greater than either an ayahuasca retreat or business mastermind alone, that it is impossible to articulate them all. At the heart of the value is the synergistic impact of sharing the life-changing experience ayahuasca provides during a three-month business mastermind program with professional peers that inspire you. 

I have led eight ayahuasca mastermind groups since 2012 and every year I find new ways to add value to the lives and businesses of my clients. 

If you’d like to consider joining the spring 2023 mastermind, watch the two videos below. 

If you would like to apply, here’s the link.

This 5-minute mini-documentary that Fast Company did on the program will not just tell you, but show you what makes the program so special.

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