A Review of Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman on Sam Harris’s Waking Up app

I love the all-too-rare “AH HA!” insights that change your perspective for the better in an instant.

In fact, I named Awake Forward after this kind of breakthrough moment.
I have a breakthrough insight to share with you today.
It’s worked for a bunch of my clients, so I am confident it will work for you too.
Check this out.
Like me, you probably think that obsessing over time and priority management is absolutely critical to success.
What if we are wrong about that?
After listening to this short audio teaching by Oliver Burkeman called Time Management for Mortals, found on Sam Harris’s Waking Up app, I realized that I was.
Shocking, liberating, inspiring – YES!
Turns out that it’s the unexamined beliefs behind our time management obsession that are the problem. By problem I mean, these beliefs create an experience that perpetuates anxiety and dissatisfaction no matter how much you get done. You know that experience at the end of the week or day where you feel dissatisfied because of how much you didn’t get done despite how much you did get done? Well, that sucks and you can stop it from happening with a slight change of mind.
Time Management for Mortals is nothing less than a Rosetta Stone that reveals the invisible downsides that over-indexing for optimization has on your mental health and relationships.
Even more exciting though is that with the tools Burkeman provides in this audio, you too can restore balance back into your life and free yourself from the chains of obsessive time management.
Here’s a link to get 30 days free on the Waking Up app, no credit card or commitment is required. (BTW, this is not an affiliate link. I am not benefiting beyond the satisfaction of sharing this with you.)
Once you are in just search for Time Management for Mortals.
In breakthroughs we trust,
P.S. If you haven’t listened to my most recent podcast episode called Ego Flipping – How three startup founder CEOs flipped their ego from unruly master to humble servant. I promise that it will blow your mind and provide you with actionable insights that you can apply to your life and business right away. Give the first 5 minutes a go and see if it grabs you.

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