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The Awake Forward Podcast with Michael Costuros

I truly enjoy speaking to groups!

It’s my personal mission to share the latest resources at the intersection of business leadership, therapeutic psychedelics, and self-actualization practices. My audiences leave with new information that they can share and apply right away. 

I ensure my talks are aligned with the audience’s desires by asking them what they want to know at the start. I then organize the key points I want to make into the answers to their questions. The content I want to share takes about 20 minutes and another 20 minutes goes to Q&A, for a total of about 45 minutes. 

In 2021/2022 I have or will speak at the request of the following organizations. 

Suggested presentation topics 
  • How to approach therapeutic psychedelics as a functional medicine for professional development
  • How to combine therapeutic psychedelic sessions with executive coaching to achieve breakthrough results.
  • Whatever your audience is interested in learning at the intersection of business leadership, therapeutic psychedelics, and self-actualization practices.
Professional History

I’m an advisor and executive coach to some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative business leaders. A former tech startup founder myself, I have clocked more than 10,000 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions since leaving my company in 2010. 

I’ve been strategically combining guided psychedelic experiences with my executive coaching since 2010. As of 2022, I have led well over 100 clients through my psychedelic-assisted executive coaching programs and I can tell you, the results are SO much better than executive coaching alone! Not only do my clients tend to achieve the specific professional development goals we set at the start of the program, but their personal lives are also significantly improved as well. I have considerable experience working with VIPs for whom privacy is a top priority.

In 2022 I launched Awake Forward. Awake Forward is home to The Awake Forward Method for psychedelic-assisted executive coaching. 

In addition to Awake Forward, I have a conventional coaching firm called Thriving Founders.

You will find over 60 recommendations on my linkedIn profile.


I am the host of the Entrepreneur’s Awakening podcast (Apple, Spotify). which consists of interviews with business leaders who vulnerably share personal and professional life lessons gained from Ayahuasca in Peru during a mastermind program I ran from 2012-2019. Please watch the short video trailer below. 


Services I offer

My primary motivation is to share the best practices I have learned. I consistently hear about people making poor decisions when choosing to work with psychedelics and frankly, it pains my heart. If approached in the right way these experiences should be the most profound and healing of one’s life. The best practices are easy to share, and I want to inform as many people as possible. 

With regard to my services, I only work with around 20 people a year and there is a waitlist. So while I will mention the service I provide, I will not pitch working with me. If people want to work with me they will reach out, I don’t need to enroll anyone. 

In service,
Michael Costuros

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County, CA Linkedin:

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