New Service: Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching With Ketamine​

I’m thrilled to announce!

We are now officially offering Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching (PaEC). We are offering this in coordination with Mindbloom Inc., the leading provider of at-home, via video, Ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy sessions.

I say officially because my team and I have been unofficially supporting our clients in their use of therapeutic psychedelics in conjunction with executive coaching for over 10 years. With the California senate voting in June to decriminalize all psychedelics, and Mindbloom’s ability to offer at-home Ketamine experiences, We can now be public with the most meaningful aspect of our work!

We are committed to bringing PaEC to business leaders who want to rapidly develop their leadership, management, and communication skills. Our specialty is working with the founders of fast-growth tech companies in Silicon Valley, New York, and Los Angeles.

Our program

If you’re curious about our 6-month PaEC coaching program and get a $200 discount code for Mindbloom’s service, please visit the new PaEC page to learn more.

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