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I created the Awake Forward podcast to advise CEOs, founders, and business owners on how to use therapeutic psychedelics combined with executive coaching to break through what’s holding them back from realizing their full potential in life and business.

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While the media is focused on using therapeutic psychedelics to treat mental health conditions, I’m here to tell you about the benefits that high-functioning business leaders are realizing today.

I’m Michael Costuros. I’m an advisor and executive coach to some of Silicon Valley’s most talented entrepreneurs, and I have a secret to share.

I’ve strategically combined guided psychedelic experiences (provided by expert guides) with my executive coaching since 2010, and I can tell you, that the results are many times more impactful than executive coaching alone. Not only do my clients achieve their professional development goals, but every other area of their life also improves as well.

Having led more than 100 clients through my psychedelic-assisted executive coaching programs, I am now ready to share what I’ve learned.

Between interviews with my clients, psychedelic experts, and how-to episodes, I will teach you the most critical best practices for leveraging therapeutic psychedelics to greatly accelerate your professional, interpersonal, and spiritual development.

Here are some of the things you will learn in episode one.

  • What’s the best approach to using psychedelics if rapid professional development is your goal

  • How to determine if it’s medically safe for you to use psychedelics

  • How to distinguish between a novice and an expert psychedelic service provider

  • The typical career-limiting bad habits plaguing CEOs that this method can often resolve.

  • An overview of my six months psychedelic-assisted executive coaching program so that you can compare it to other options you may be considering

  • Last but not least enough about me to decide if you can trust my opinions on these topics!

So If you want to break through your glass ceiling and take your business and LIFE to the next level, listen to Episode 1 today!

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