Episode 2: How to Find and Vet an Expert Psychedelic Guide

Finding and vetting a psychedelic guide is difficult. Especially if you are looking for one who knows how to work with entrepreneurial founders and CEOs who want to realize their full potential. In this episode, I interview a guide with 40 years of experience to share the most important how-tos and don’ts when it comes to working with psychedelics for professional development.

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Highlights include:
    • The best analogy to describe what guided psychedelic therapy can do for business leaders.
    • What are the most common positive outcomes?
    • How a CEO was able to shift from a command and control leadership approach to the delegate and empower approach
    • What are some unreasonable expectations people have?
    • What are the most common unfounded fears?
    • What would cause a guide to decide that psychedelics are not safe for you?
    •  What psychedelic do you typically start people with and why?
    • How a founder/CEO was able to separate his sense of self from his professional identity and company 
    • What does the process of working with a guide entail?
    • The importance of a well-being tracker and the three phases of integration
    • How does one find a guide?
    • How should one vet a guide, there is no yelp for guides.
    •  Niki shares about his 3-year guide training program to provide an example of what a thorough training program entails. 
    • Concluding thoughts
By the end of this episode, you will know if you’re interested in pursuing therapeutic psychedelics as a tool for professional development, and if so, how to interview a professional guide.
I’m Michael Costuros. I’m an advisor and executive coach to some of Silicon Valley’s most talented entrepreneurs, and I have a secret to share.
I’ve strategically combined guided psychedelic experiences (provided by expert guides) with my executive coaching since 2010, and I can tell you, that the results are many times more impactful than executive coaching alone. Not only do my clients achieve their professional development goals, but every other area of their life also improves as well.
Having led more than 100 clients through my psychedelic-assisted executive coaching programs, I am now ready to share what I’ve learned.
Between interviews with my clients, psychedelic experts, and how-to episodes, I will teach you the most critical best practices for leveraging therapeutic psychedelics to greatly accelerate your professional, interpersonal, and spiritual development.
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