Episode 5: Is your company really your baby? How to avoid toxic attachment.

Is your company really your baby? 


My new 15-minute podcast episode will provide you with two tools you can use today to prevent one of the most common biases that can cause a first-time founder/CEO to fail.

The cause? Unhealthy identity-level attachment to your company.

This includes attachment to your role in the company, the company’s mission, and the public perception of the brand.

Minutes from now, you will have a roadmap for maintaining healthy attachments at each stage of the company and a game-changing mindset that you can adopt right away.

Episode Summary

Back in Episode 1, at the 38-minute mark, I spoke about seven rarely discussed reasons that most first-time founders fail. 

They are the true reasons behind the reasons commonly blamed for failure. All of them are linked to subconscious biases and beliefs that trip founders up.  

We all have them. 

Almost anything that had a significant emotional impact on you during childhood or in previous companies can cause a belief or bias you are so used to that you don’t know you have it.

Under normal life circumstances, these scars may just add character and do not cause any problems. 

But the role of founder/CEO is a pressure cooker that can amplify subtle biases into serious issues. This is why carefully targeted psychological change work throughout the founder’s journey is so critical. 

In this episode, I will provide you with two tools you can use today to prevent one of the most common biases that can cause a first-time founder/CEO to fail.

So here's the TLDR

    • Most founders I’ve coached relate to their company as their baby; I certainly did.
    • While it’s critical in the early stages for a founder to merge with their newborn startup like a mother merges with a newborn baby, it’s just as critical that the founder individuates from their company as it grows up.
    • If a founder doesn’t, a whole host of success-threatening issues emerge over time. In fact, most of the issues I am hired to resolve at the Series- A or later stage are symptoms stemming from the founder’s identity being intertwined with their role and the company. 
    • It’s worth noting that I have never once worked for a founder who could see this cause and effect before I pointed it out to them. It truly lives in your blind spot.
    • I will now introduce a mindset and mental model that you can use to diagnose, prevent, manage, and remediate your attachment without professional help. 
    • After listening to this episode, you will be able to start noticing how attached you are and the issues your attachment may be causing. 
    • The sooner you start working with these tools, the better.

Take 15 minutes now to listen to this episode where you get your podcasts. 

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