Rise Above.
Win Your
Inner Game.
Inspire a legacy.
Rise Above.
Win the
Inner Game.
Inspire a legacy.

Psychedelic Executive Coaching Has Arrived!

A revolutionary new approach to CEO leadership development.

Our Awake Forward Method for Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching enables you
to win both the inner game and outer game of business leadership in record time.

Client Testimonials

Michael Costuros portrait 2022

Michael Costuros
Creator, the Awake Forward method
Startup  Advisor / Executive Performance Coach


I’m Michael, a former tech startup founder, now a coach and advisor to some of Silicon Valley’s most talented business leaders. Since leaving my company, I have clocked more than 10,000 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions.

After more than a decade of research and development, I have created a new executive coaching method. It’s called “the Awake Forward Method,” and yes, it includes therapeutic psychedelic sessions in combination with executive coaching.

While the use of therapeutic psychedelics may be the most surprising aspect of the Awake Forward Method, it’s only part of the recipe that delivers breakthrough results.  

A next-level approach to accelerated leadership development, the Awake Forward Method combines these key ingredients to deliver exceptional results. 

  • Six months of executive coaching with a master coach
  • A formal 360 review process using the Saturn SLI instrument
  • Behavioral change sessions with an NLP master
  • Therapeutic psychedelic sessions with a master guide

These elements, artfully woven together over 6 months, yield results far beyond what conventional executive coaching can provide. 

Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level?

Feature articles on our psychedelic-assisted programs are found in these magazines.

Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching

The Awake Forward Method combines executive coaching best practices, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) sessions, and therapeutic psychedelic sessions. These professional practices,  which are artfully woven together over a 6-month program, yield truly exceptional results in record time.

2019 ayahuasca mastermind group on the Amazon river.

The Peru Ayahuasca Mastermind Program

This program is the fastest way to advance your professional and personal development. Join a carefully curated group of entrepreneurs for a 3-month mastermind program that includes a trip to Peru to experience a series of life-changing ayahuasca ceremonies. While there, you will also visit the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu or the Amazon jungle. 

Group Zoom for alumni mastermind program

The Alumni Group Coaching Program

After completing one of our coaching programs, you are eligible to join our ongoing Alumni Group Coaching Program. This group of vetted peers will provide you with expert advice and game-changing introductions, as well as support your professional development.

Bonus 1:
Learn what psychedelic-assisted executive coaching can do for you & how it works.

Learn what combining therapeutic psychedelic sessions with executive coaching can do for you in this tightly edited interview in front of a live Clubhouse audience. 

Bonus 2:
Microdosing Best Practices With Expert Microdosing Coach, Kim Iglinsky

Listen now to learn how to microdose for performance and mood enhancement in this tightly edited interview in front of a live Clubhouse audience.

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